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This weekend we took Miley and Howie to Bay Bluffs Park in Pensacola.
It was their first trip ever to the beach!!!

Miley had to inspect everything as soon as we got there.
She'd never felt sand like this between her toes or smelled the salt water air!

Howie loved running up and down the beach.

He even dove right into the water!

I was surprised, last summer at the pool, Howie didn't seem to care for the water at all,
but this time at the beach he just dove right in. Maybe it's the salt water?? :)

Of course, what fun is the beach without a BEACH BALL!!! :)

This is one of Miley and Howie's favorite toys to play with in their backyard at home (watch a video),
and the addition of the sand and water at the beach just made it so much more fun! :)

I love this picture of Howie, back feet up in their air, trying to skid to a stop on his front feet
and kicking up sand everywhere! :)

Miley and Howie just ran up and down the shore, bouncing the beach ball all the way. :)

Going back from sand to water made the beach ball (and the dogs) pretty sandy!

Howie tries to get all that sand out of his mouf. :P

Looks like the beach ball is about to pop!!

Uh oh, don't push the beach ball out too far!!


Howie makes a valiant effort to rescue the beach ball, but Miley turns back to shore.

Looks like he's almost got it!!!

Howie is just so proud of himself. Miley is so jealous, she pops the beach ball.
"That'll show him! Hmph"

But Howie doesn't care. He pounces on the fresh beach ball carcass!

Attack Howie!
Howie makes sure that beach ball is REALLY dead.

Then he gives himself a few good shakes to get all that salt water out of his ears.

Miley and Howie both caught mid-shake! :)

These are the faces of sheer intensity and focus. Don't let that beach ball get away!!!

Howie leaps to capture the beach ball while Miley tries to block.
They both make a big splash on the way down.

Howie loves jumping for the beach ball! Look at all the crazy faces he makes.

Did it get away?? Howie searches the beach for the withered ball.

He spots something!

With the power of a shark, Howie leaps out of the water and snaps at the beach ball!

...and crashes back down, unsuccessful.


With the beach ball thoroughly dead, Miley can focus on *her* favorite toy-- a tennis ball!!!

Howie joins in on the fun-- and tries to keep up! :)

Howie makes such funny faces when chasing Miley! :)

I LOVE these three pics! They are running so fast, all 4 feet are off the ground! :)

One thing that's different about fetch on a beach is the SAND! Miley kicked up a lot of it while chasing that ball.

And in the process, got herself really sandy. :p

She didn't seem to mind though, as she kept diving right back in after the ball. :p

If Howie's big butt wasn't in the way, you could see Miley taking a HUGE face plant right into the sand!

She just shook it right off.

Actually I think she prefers being sandy.

Howie can kick up some dirt too.

Cute little boston butts, kicking up sand. :D
I just looooooooove the picture on the right of them running in the sand together!! :)

Uh oh, the ball got thrown into the ocean!! It quickly gets swept out into the surf!

Don't worry Miley!! I'll save your ball!!

Howie is such a brave little boy! He saves the tennis ball from the depths of the ocean. :D

Do I get a cookie? :D

Watch a video of Howie rescuing the ball below. As you can see, Howie bravely dives in after the ball,
but as soon as he makes it to shore, Miley steals it from him! :p

Now that Miley and Howie can return to playing fetch, Howie can no longer settle for just running beside Miley.
He is MUCH more interested in stealing the ball from her!

Miley gets the crazy GET AWAY FROM ME HOWIE eyes!! :)

He gets pretty close to stealing it...

But Miley keeps one step ahead of him.

Eat my dust, Howie!!!

But Howie never gives up.

Annoying little brothers!!! :)

When Howie gets really serious about getting that ball, he does his patented BODY SLAM move, right into Miley!

Using his whole body as a weapon he knocks right into her, hoping to shake that ball loose!

Little by little, he starts to wear her down.

Howie wants to be a boxer, when he slams into her, he knocks the spit out!
Look closely in the above pics. :D

Success! The Body Slam Move worked!

Howie finally wore her down enough to steal the ball away!

But not for very long.

Tug-of-War Fetch! This is ultimately what happens to every single game of fetch.

Two puppies go get the ball, but only one weird, "attached by a tennis ball" mutant dog comes back with it. :p

I think the puppies are starting to get tired... :)

This is the face Miley makes when we tell her it's time to take a break. :)

Miley and Howie chill out on the beach towel for a little while.
Miley drank an *entire* bottle of water all by herself!!!

This is Miley's preferred shady spot.

Howie wants to get a good tan on his abs for all the ladies. ;)

Why is it that the best days always end in a bath??