May 28 - June 1, 2009

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We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary by spending a long weekend tucked away in a cozy cabin in Helen, Georgia. The town of Helen is the re-creation of a German alpine village- complete with cobblestone alleys, quaint village shoppes, authentic bakeries and restaurants, and old-world towers. Its quiet location on the Chattahoochee River, nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains, was the perfect spot for our long weekend getaway. :)

Read more about our trip and see the rest of the pics on our blog! :)

And since the cabin we stayed in was pet-friendly, Miley and Howie got to come with us! :) They had a blast going on all the hikes with us. The first day we went to Unicoi State Park and walked around the Lake Loop Trail. Isn't the lake gorgeous?? :) Within 5 seconds of being on this trail, Howie found this mud puddle. :P

Fortunately, later in the trail there was a creek for the puppies to play it- and for Howie to wash off in!! :)

After some initial rock hopping across the creek...

Miley and Howie found plenty to do- jumping, splashing, chasing each other and fetching sticks! :)

Miley gives Howie long-jumping lessons across the creek.

See Howie? You don't even have to get your feet wet! :)

Like this Miley??
No, Howie! You're splashing me!! :P

Miley and Howie go crazy for sticks! Watch out Miley! You don't want *that* in your face!! ;)

Our second day in Helen, we took Miley and Howie over to Helton Creek Falls.

This area was surrounded by lots of rocks and water for the doggies to play in. With all the trees, there was lots of shade- Howie got a little cold so he decided to find a nice sunny rock to warm up on.

Our last full day in Helen we went over to Raven Cliffs Falls. The trail and waterfalls were gorgeous!

Howie had a good time traversing the path, but Miley acted like a little diva sometimes- she wouldn't come down without help. ;)

The morning before we left, we took the puppies to the Chattahoochee River and let them play in the water and try to chase the passing tubers. ;)

Howie was more entertained by a big stick he found washing by..

But it didn't take Miley long to see what Howie was playing with and take it for herself! :P

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