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Recurring Theme: The Battle for the Bucket Bed!
Miley hovers over the bucket bed to protect her turf!
She fights off Howie and evil curtain monsters from stealing her favorite spot.

Miley and Howie's favorite game- Tug 'O war!

Ooh, Howie gets denied!

Crazy Wips!

Such mean little doggies we have! :)

Isn't Howie so devious and cute? ;)

It was just a regular day of playing out side.. Howie was chewing up sticks...

Miley was chasing her ball...

Howie, of course, had to come irritate Miley and try to steal her ball...

Then the doggies saw something new....

A big bouncy ball!! They love these!!

They are constantly trying to steal it from each other!

Eventually, they always win in the end. Unfortunately I can't say the same for that poor bouncy ball.