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During the summer, one of our favorite places to take Miley and Howie is Bay Bluffs Park in Pensacola, Florida. They love playing on the beach! :) The "Attention Dogs" sign cracks me up every time! :)

Miley and Howie love playing fetch, and it's so much more fun when you add sand and water to the mix! :)

Howie dives into the waves to retrieve the ball!

Of course half the fun is fighting over which one gets to bring it back to us! ;)

These body slam pictures crack me up!!! :) The first one- two dogs, 8 legs, none on the ground! :) The second one, Howie dove in the sand for the ball, but ended up taking a tumble and rolled a few feet! LOL.

Howie loves running up and down the beach, soaking up the sun and waves. :)

I love how Howie runs! He looks like he's flying! :)

When it comes to the beach, Howie's brave! He just jumps right in! :)

He loves swimming out and retrieving sticks- of course Miley is always waiting right at the shore to steal them from him!

Miley doesn't really like to swim in the ocean, she prefers to stay on the beach and catch the frisbee.

After awhile, Howie joins in too. :)

Ooh, that sandy frisbee gave him a mouthful! :P

Look at Miley's crazy lips! :)

Running on the beach... :)

The frisbee got away! Howie bravely dives in after it...

And comes back successful! :)

When the ball gets out to far, Miley has to go get it.. She doesn't like to do it, but Howie's mouf isn't big enough to pick it up in the water! :P

After the end of a busy morning at the beach, Howie loves to just lay in the water and let the waves crash over him.

Miley, being the princess that she is, prefers to rest on her towel. :)

Howie on the beach! :)

In the afternoon, after the beach, we take Miley and Howie to the pool! :)

They LOVE to play with the big beach ball at the pool! :)

They act like seals and just bounce the ball back and forth on their noses! :)

Miley doesn't like swimming in the ocean, but she loves swimming in the pool! It's hard to keep her out of it! :)

And while Howie will just dive right into the ocean, for some reason, he doesn't like jumping into the pool as much!

But Miley loves swimming and chasing the ball in the pool.

She'll even play pool volleyball with you! :)

Miley swims slow, relaxed, easy strokes.

After awhile, Howie just can't resist and joins in on the fun. Oof- I think that water was a little colder than he expected! :)

After he jumps in a couple of times, he gets used to it and dives in like a pro. :)

Howie swims *fast*!!! And with all his might! He would *easily* beat Miley in a race. :)

When they're not swimming, Miley and Howie are right at the end of the pool, playing volleyball with Kevin in the pool. :)

They love this game! :) And they make the funniest faces! :D